15.07.2021 – Explorative Data Analysis for JMatPro®


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Explorative Data Analysis for JMatPro®

Matplus’ next generation materials data management EDA has emerged as “Explorative Data Analysis for JMatPro”.
The system enables the interactive analysis of a large number of calculated alloy variants and has proven itself in a wide variety of projects for the practical development of new materials and processes. For example, the effects of analysis variations on process reliability in manufacturing can be evaluated.
The special topic of this webinar is the introduction to EDA for JMatPro:

– Possibilities for calculating extensive material variants with JMatPro “High Throughput Calculations”
– Evaluations of JMatPro calculations with EDA
– Overlay of data and diagrams from different calculations
– Data extraction and evaluation as tables, statistics and diagrams
– Comparison with test data and modelling

Presentation and slides in english

Place & Time:
Web – Thursday, 15.07.2021, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm CEST