20.07.2021 – JMatPro® “Creation of Material Cards”


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JMatPro® “Creation of Material Cards”

Today, FEM simulation is used as standard in the development of new products and the optimisation of manufacturing processes.
There are a number of popular software solutions whose performance and practical applicability are continuously being improved. Important boundary conditions for these simulations are the material parameters, which are often summarised in so-called material cards.

With the new version of JMatPro®, consistent material maps can be generated for different FEM systems. For metallic structural materials, the new JMatPro V12.4 offers a simple and cost-efficient way to create material maps for different target systems without the need for time-consuming material tests. Often, the input of the chemical composition is sufficient to calculate the values for physical properties with analytical precision. This goes as far as the prediction of flow curves and transformation diagrams, e.g. ZTU diagrams. The material data sets are consistent for the different FEM programs. For example, JMatPro supports these systems (alphabetically): Abaqus, Comsol Multiphysics, Deform, Forge, LS-Dyna, Magmasoft, ProCast, Qform, Simufact and Sysweld.

Even without in-depth knowledge of a material scientist, the user gets the material-physically coherent data at the push of a button. The basis is applied themodynamics (CalPhaD), which have been extended with physically based models from materials engineering in a practical way.

Presentation and slides in english

Place & Time:
Web – Tuesday, 20.07.2021, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm CEST