Matglobe Metals Standard Annual License


The Matglobe Metals Standard includes the SthalDat SX, aluSELECT and the Copper key 2.0.


Matglobe Metals is a database service from Matplus that combines several databases for metallic materials.

Matglobe Metals Standard is available as an annual subscription for €19 per month. The total amount for one year of 228€ will be invoiced at the beginning of the subscription period.

Matglobe Metals Standard gives you access to the following databases:

StahlDat SX
The steel-iron list (Register of European Steels) is the official and up-to-date compilation of all steel grades registered and included in European standards with their material numbers (EN 10027-2).

  • Numbers and short names of all European steel grades
  • Assigned characteristics and intended use
  • + Material properties (chem. composition, mechanical properties, characteristic values according to VDA 231-200)
  • + Standards, manufacturers, substance declarations, RAMON classification
  • + Hardenability curves
  • + Metallography

aluSELECT & Teal Sheets
aluSELECT is a reference database with technical information on the most commonly used aluminium alloys.
The Teal Sheets are a unique compilation of more than 500 internationally registered wrought aluminium alloys.

Copper key
The copper key is a comparison of global standards, materials and designations of copper and copper alloys.

To access the Matglobe Metals Standard, you must first register for free at matglobe After we have checked your order, we will activate you for the additional content of the standard version and inform you of the activation by e-mail.

You can find detailed information about the Matglobe offer at www.matglobe.eu.