StahlDat SX Standard


The StahlDat SX – the leading European database for steel.

StahlDat SX is the only authorized publication of the European Steel Registry and at the same time the continuously growing knowledge base for steel on the internet with more than 2,500 steel grades. It is the comprehensive materials database and knowledge base for industry and research. StahlDat SX offers up-to-date material data and comprehensive information for different target groups: Buyers and traders in the field of semi-finished steel products, quality and standards departments at manufacturers and processors, as well as product developers and technologists.



The standard solution for up-to-date information on steel.

As part of a cost-effective annual subscription, you will receive a data flatrate for all information in the extended register of European steels:

All European steel grades with

  • chemical composition incl. footnotes,
  • relevant properties,
  • links to semi-finished products or product forms,
  • links to manufacturers with trade names,
  • thermophysical characteristics according to SEW 310.

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